Homeless Initiative - I Am Supported

Owners of SD Squared, Shane and Sandy, conceptualized and built a hidden homeless home in the middle of NYC that became one man's home for almost 1 year. The home garnered international press and had over 1 million views on the internet.

The Veteran Home Renovation Project


SD Squared is very proud to donate our time and expertise to renovate a veterans home every year. We partnered with VASH (Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing) and created The Veteran Home Renovation Project.

With Shane Duffy being a war veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan and Sandy Dias's passion to make a difference in our community, SD Squared will give back in our own special way that not only affects the veteran but also their family.

One hundred percent of every dollar we raise goes directly to the material costs, delivery, and furnishings to renovate a veteran's home. We believe that in order to provide a lasting solution, this projects should be completed by our professionals who have the skills and experience to provide quality workmanship.